Some Recent (blog) Obsessions

One of my favorite things about being home, especially over breaks between terms when I don't have all kinds of school work and projects to be thinking about, is having downtime to browse the internet as I please, and catch up on some blogs I enjoy. So I figured I would share some of my favorites with y'all so maybe you can find some of your own inspiration from them too!

1. First up The Wiegands! This adorable little family serves up some serious life inspiration. Written by pretty mommy-artist Casey, the ups and downs of young family life she shares are a beautiful tribute to her lovely kiddos, husband, herself and their shared Christian faith. Although I'm not exactly what you would call religious myself, and I'm still years from having a family of my own, reading this loving family's blog puts a smile on my face with their daily doses of love and cuddles and honesty. Check them out for some lovely reads!

2. If you're at all into blogs about all things adorable, I'm sure you've stopped by Elsie's lovely blog before! Filled with all kinds of crafty things and fun pictures, I have loved following her over the years as she shared her inspirations with us, saw her hopes come to fruition as she opened her own store, and married the man of her dreams. Definitely one of my favorite reads!

3. little chief honeybee.  is all kinds of cute! She's another creative heart that I love to read up on. With her adorable girly style, as a young entrepreneur at the ripe age of 23, I find myself inspired to dream big and do work! to get where I want to be in the next few years. Also I'm just as obsessed with her litas collection and awesome lofty-cute home!

4. Charlavail this adorable rainbow-haired girl is a recent find of mine. I am in love love love with her sugar skull hair clips and wish I found them sooner so I could have ordered one of my own. I love her creativity and how she is trying to find interesting uncharted outlets for her art (the bakery she has in the works). I also loved seeing things 

5. The awesome Krista has me inspired to try the dreads, if I ever rustle up the courage! But who doesn't love a kickass mom, who at 31, can still totally rock the Rapunzel length dreadlocks?! Her 2 little tykes are super lucky to have such an artsy hip mom! It would've made getting a tattoo at 18 a little less of a family fight, for sure!

What are some of your favorite blogs?!
I would love to find some new reads!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

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