Cup-a-Joe :)

So as I mentioned in one of my first posts, this August I spent some time in Vancouver, B.C. I loved every minute of it and really loved exploring all the spots. One day we went out to Granville Island and ventured around the sweet public market, picked up some yummy lunches and explored. We stumbled upon Origins Organic Coffee's mini-warehouse spot, because they had the back garage door open, and were roasting some DEEEEEE-LICIOUS smelling beans. After chatting with the guy and girl at work (sorry, totally should've gotten their names! my bad!!) I talked them into selling us two bags to bring back home to the other side of their neighboring country to the south.

I finally got around to brewing some of my snags this week, and I figured it would be something fun to document! So here it is:

Got Coffee?


DSC_0601 copy
They smelt soooo yum!!

DSC_0608 copy
Mini-handheld grinder I snagged from my grandma's house after she passed. I grew up with the lady brushing my hair as we watched her 'programs' (aka soaps, my mom hated that she let me watch them (; hahah) and shoe shopping. At the time I used to find her black coffee habit disgusting, but I definitely have grown to understand the caffeine obsession!
... And I totally credit my addiction to her, neither of my parents even liked coffee!! 


DSC_0615 copy

Hey, its me! Enjoying my great Vancouver coffee!!
Love it :) 

What are your favorite coffee brands?
Any sweet finds?? Or stories about the find?
I love to hear about coffee, I think its becoming a new hobby of mine!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

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