(mini) Life Update!

So I had promised myself when I started this blog in the summer I would be on top of my sh*t about it... Clearly since I've been back at school that hasn't quite been the case. But as a pre-new years resolution, I am vowing to work on it. No promises. But I will make a serious attempt.
Not really sure how to sum up the past few months. It's been a ride, as life usually is. So instead I'll just share some iPhone snapshots and let the pictures do the talking. Here goes!

1. This August, as I think I mentioned, I went to Alaska!
2. Then I moved back to Philly and double rainbows and fireworks and apocalypses ensued. Well maybe not exactly. But doub rainbows for sure.
3. I started shoot with a large format 4x5 camera...
4. I started cooking... A lot!
5. It snowed for halloweekend. I was a ghostbuster one night, pink power ranger the next.
6. See above.
7. We went to Magic Gardens!!
8. I kinda feel in love with Philly a little bit :) if you know me, this was a feat
9. I visited home <3 missed the beach!
10. Buddies visited!
11. Birthdays were had, new BFF tattoos were gotten.
12. See above.
13. Adorable new members joined the family, welcome Georgie!!
14. Back with my babyboo butchy!
15. And black Friday shopping with the moms happened :) More to come soon!!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

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