Good Old Irene

I know this may be a bit of an oddball blog post but it's (obviously) been on my mind. As many of you know most of the entire East Coast was recently hit with a massive Hurricane dubbed Irene. I happen to live in the great state of New Jersey/attend school in Philadelphia, Pa. Both were in the expected path.

Although I was away on a family vacation, we were constantly checking for news from home and watching CNN whenever we had a spare minute. I grew up at the Jersey Shore and seeing the images of my favorite beaches, ruined, broke my heart. This above image is of Asbury Park (of Bruce Springsteen fame) which has had some rough patches in its history, but has seen a terrific recent revival. There is no better way in my mind to spend a Saturday afternoon than strolling this exact boardwalk. 

Coming home to see most of the power of my hometown still out, 4 days later, was rough. All I can say though is how thankful I am that we were lucky enough to not have any serious damage, other than the extended period of power-loss, which resulted in a total clean-out of the fridge. Compared to people who 's homes are still underwater and facing more damage daily, we were incredibly lucky. My heart goes out to those not as fortunate, God bless. This world is a crazy place. 

This post was inspired by the thought "I really wish my fridge didn't crap out cause I really wanted some coffee and maybe ice cream tonight..." But I have realized that is horrifically rude of me to think when we were some of the lucky ones. But I really do wish that creamer hadn't gone bad right about now, when I'm still jetlagged and just wanting to cuddle up and catch up on some True Blood and Weeds... 

Friday, 2 September 2011

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