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Since I just started this blog about a week ago, I figured I should write some form of introduction post about myself, cause if you don't know anything about me, what I have to post here won't really matter much. So as I was browsing other blogs for some inspiration, I stumbled across this ABC list that I figured could be a good start to the mystery that is, ME. 

 (hint, hint: me! I apologize for the photobooth photo I just wanted something recent and easy)

Age: 19!
Bed size: Full.
Chore you hate: When I'm at home, I totally hate cleaning my room, but at school I'm anal about it. Otherwise, I love doing laundry, but hate folding afterwards. 
Dogs: I have an adorable nugget named Butch! He's like an 18-pound full-sized Yorkie.
Essential start of your day: Coffee.  
Favorite color: Purple. And then yellow! 
Gold or silver: Both, in their own way.
Height: 5'5".
Instruments I play (or have played): When I was 6, I played guitar because I wanted to be Bruce Springsteen. 
Job title: Current Student. Studying Photography. 
Kids: They're adorable, but I mean I'm pretty young to have them... 
Live: Monmouth County, NJ/Philadelphia, Pa.  
Mom's name: Sharon!
Nickname: Jaysilv. Jules. Jay. Ju-Ju Beans. Etc.
Overnight hospital stays: Broke my elbow in half when I was 6, fell off a horse.  
Pet peeve: Over-planning. Nagging. Not picking up the phone, but then texting me. 
Quote from a movie: "Hakuna Matata"
Right or left handed: Righty!
Siblings: Just me, myself, and I. 
Time you wake up: Depends on the day. If I have class probably like 8 or 9. Otherwise late!
Underwear: VS Lacie. TMI?
Vegetables you dislike: Many. (Worst vegetarian ever right here.)
What makes you run late: I'm always late. It's a terrible habit. 
X-rays you've had done: Teeth, elbow, hands, feet
Yummy food you make: fettuccine alfredo, delish! I loveeee to bake. Watch the Food Network religiously. I pretty much just love to experiment!     
Zoo animal: So many! Seals (which I guess technically would be aquarium anyway, but I just saw a ton in Alaska and they are too cute!) Giraffes. Bears. LIONS & TIGERS! WOLVES!! Most animals, I love. 

That's about all I got for now, soon enough I'll include a little 'about me' page. Otherwise just read my blog and you'll learn a bit about me through every post! (I mean, if you want to learn about me I guess... But why wouldn't you want to!?)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

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